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Resort Wear

Advance Apparels is a trusted resort wear wholesale brand since 2001. By supplying clothing to retailers all across American beach towns, the Caribbeans, and Central & South America we have over time learned what products thrive in these resort and beach markets and cater a large portion of our catalog for them.


By using a wide variety of fabrics meant for warmer climates, our catalog has exactly what you need to stand out to tourists and locals visiting your stores. Breathable fabrics like rayon, cotton, tencel, and lycra are the essence of our resort wear clothing line which consists of beach cover-ups, resort pants, maxi dresses, and floral dresses.

advance apparels fabrics
advance apparels colors and prints

Colors & Prints

Our prepack color assortments will always include a majority of sharp, bright, and rich colors that will make your clothing rack POP.

Our printed fabrics are designed with your store in mind featuring beach and resort prints ranging from turtles, butterflies, starfish, palm trees, dolphins, and even alligators!

Advance Apparels is a trusted brand for Resort Wear Clothing Retailers for several reasons, including their extensive experience in selling to these markets, their customer-centric approach to clothing design, their use of breathable fabrics, and their use of fun beach prints that resort wear customers love.

With over 20 years of experience selling to the resort wear market, Advance Apparels has developed a deep understanding of the needs and preferences of their customers. This experience enables them to create clothing that is not only fashionable but also practical and comfortable for resort wear customers. Shop our 500+ product catalog line which includes missy and plus size resort wear.

Advance Apparels Clothing is designed with their customers in mind, ensuring that each garment is tailored to their unique needs and preferences. From the fit and fabric to the style and prints, each garment is created to meet the specific requirements of resort wear customers.

In addition to their customer-centric approach to clothing design, Advance Apparels uses breathable fabrics like rayon, tencel, and cotton. These fabrics are ideal for the hot and humid climates typically found in resort wear destinations, ensuring that customers stay comfortable and cool even in the warmest conditions.

Finally, Advance Apparels uses fun beach prints that resort wear customers love. From bold stripes to tropical flowers, these prints are perfect for the beach and add a playful touch to any outfit.

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