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The Go-To Vendor for Boutiques

Traditional fashion purchasing has always involved months of planning and headaches when communicating with overseas factories. For those with small boutiques high MOQ, extensive planning, and limited space for inventory can be a high barrier to entry in running a successful boutique clothing business.

Small boutiques are an essential part of the fashion industry, offering unique and curated collections that reflect the tastes and preferences of their customers. However, these boutique owners often face several challenges when it comes to purchasing clothing for their store. One of the most significant challenges is their limited space and budget.

Small boutiques typically have limited floor space, which means they can only display a limited number of products. This makes it challenging to purchase a wide range of styles and sizes, which can limit their customer base. Additionally, small boutiques may have a limited budget, which can make it challenging to Purchase Clothing At A Wholesale Price. This can force them to buy smaller quantities of clothing, which can result in higher prices for their customers.

Another challenge that small boutiques face is the competition from larger retailers. These larger retailers have more significant purchasing power and can offer a wider range of styles and sizes at a lower cost. This can make it difficult for small boutiques to compete, as they may not be able to offer the same level of selection or pricing.

Despite these challenges, small boutiques play an essential role in the fashion industry, offering unique and personalized shopping experiences for their customers. By working with wholesale vendors who understand their needs and limitations, small boutique owners can overcome these challenges and continue to offer high-quality clothing and accessories to their customers.

Find out how Advance Apparels mitigates these challenges by being the go to Wholesale Boutique Vendor for women's clothing.

Low Minimums

At Advance Apparels we have two types of prepacks - either 3 units or 6 units per SKU allowing you to only order what you need and avoiding high inventory costs.

Assorted Packs

A lot of our products come in a pack of assorted colors, so even when you order only 6 units of one SKU you will receive 6 unique dresses that can provide variety on your clothing racks.

Capability to Scale

Grow with Advance Apparels as we provide you flexibility early and later into your entrepreneurial journey. You can eventually scale up with us to work directly with our factories for customizations in sizing, color, and even your own brand's label on our clothing.


We want you to move products, plain and simple. If assorted color packs don't work for you? That's fine you can pick your colors. The size small doesn't sell for you? That's fine we can remove it from the pack. While these changes will delay the processing of your order, we are here to make sure you only order what you need.

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