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Embroidered Shirts or Printed Shirts

Bring your creativity and ideas to life by partnering with us for a custom shirts order. We provide in-house embroidery and printing on blank t-shirts, as well as tie-dye t-shirts for low minimums. We also have the capability to manufacture large quantities overseas at our factories in India. For orders made at our facilities in New Jersey, the turnaround time is 12-18 days after finalizing the design. Volume of and complexity of design may affect the timeline.

Advance Apparels operates an industry leading embroidery machine manufactured by the Japanese company Tajima. With high quality stitching and a fast turnaround, you can expect embroidered products to be an important line within your product catalog.

multicolored spools of threads
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Reasons to Carry Custom Products

Custom embroidery and screen printing products offer many advantages to clothing retailers. Here are some compelling reasons why retailers should consider carrying these products:

  1. Stand out from competitors: By offering custom embroidery or screen printing services, clothing retailers can differentiate themselves from competitors who only sell generic clothing items. Customized clothing adds uniqueness to your product line, which helps to attract customers who are looking for something special and different.

  2. Customization options: Custom embroidery and screen printing allow you to put a fresh touch on your existing product line. Retailers can offer a range of customization options to their customers, from adding unique designs or logos to clothing items to printing special messages or slogans.

  3. Increase brand awareness: By creating a memorable product that customers will remember, retailers can increase brand awareness and generate customer loyalty. Custom embroidery or screen printing services can help retailers to create personalized products that reflect their brand values and message.

  4. Create a personalized shopping experience: Customized clothing items can create a personalized shopping experience that customers appreciate. By allowing customers to create their own unique designs, retailers can offer a more personalized shopping experience that will keep customers coming back for more.

  5. Cost-effective marketing tool: Custom embroidery and screen printing products can also be used as a cost-effective marketing tool. Retailers can print their company logo or slogan on clothing items, which will help to increase brand awareness and create a walking advertisement for their business.

If you have any designs/ideas in mind, email us at to start the process. Let Advance Apparels be your wholesale supplier for embroidered shirts

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