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  • Akash Bajaj

Tips To Start a Home-Based Women’s Clothing Business

Starting your own home-based e-commerce business is a humongous decision and comes with a lot of challenges, especially when you deal in women’s clothing. We all know the diversity and versatility of the women’s clothing sector. Moreover, the distinctiveness of the women’s clothing sector makes it equally promising, exciting, as well as challenging for an entrepreneur. If done correctly, it can prove to be extremely yielding and profitable. On the other hand, factors like lack of market research, low-quality clothes, weak marketing strategy, and lack of awareness about the preference of the customers could pose numerous hurdles for a home-based garments business.

Tips To Start a Home-Based Women’s Clothing Business

Another important factor that plays a vital role in deciding the fate of a home based clothing business is the efficiency and reliability of the wholesale clothing vendor that an entrepreneur teams up with. Choosing the right wholesale clothing website can leave the business with numerous loyal, regular, and supportive customers, on the other hand, an incompetent wholesaler can prove to be extremely damaging for the business as it can waive off the potential customers due to poor quality of the stocks or the collection.

In this article, we will discuss the things that should be considered before setting up a home based e-commerce clothing business, especially while choosing the correct and the most reliable wholesale clothing vendor for the business.

1. Choose an attractive and catchy name for your business

The first thing that you need is an exciting and catchy business name that is unique but extremely easy to remember. An exquisite business name holds the potential to attract the attention and interest of customers, especially in the women’s clothing domain. You can take the help of the internet or the marketing experts to name your business or you can be completely instinctive, whatever way you choose make sure it is short, relevant, and thoughtful.

2. Research about the market

Setting up a women’s clothing business requires an ample amount of knowledge and excessive market research about the latest and ongoing fashion trends, fabrics that are being liked and are suitable according to the season, the patterns, weaves, and styles that are currently in vogue, the preference of the customers according to season and occasion, and a lot of other things. A thorough market research will let you identify the areas that have a supply gap and the areas that are overcrowded and have a lot of competition so that you can plan your business strategy selectively.

3. Choose the best possible and the most reliable wholesale clothing vendor

As mentioned earlier, choosing a wholesale clothing vendor is an essential step for a clothing business. The quality of your stocks and the saleability of your products highly depend on the wholesale clothing website or vendor you have partnered with. The points mentioned below will help you find the ideal wholesaler for your business.

The quality of their stock

Despite being highly obvious, the importance of ensuring the quality of the stock can not be emphasized enough. Make sure to check the quality of the fabric, stitching, and overall finishing of the product.

The range of styles and options

Make sure that the wholesale clothing vendor that you choose, deals in a wide range of styles, and design options that are aligned with the current fashion trends. Steer clear of the ones that do not take the effort of updating their stock according to the latest demands and trends of the market.

Shipping and Lead Time

Confirm with the wholesale clothing website about the lead time taken by them to deliver an order. The ones who take a considerably longer duration to deliver the stock might cause problems for you in the future, consider choosing the ones who have a shorter lead time. The on-time and fast delivery of the orders will help you supply the demands of your customers even on urgent notices and restock your business with the latest trends within a short time.

Drop-shipping facility

Enquire if the wholesale clothing vendor offers a drop shipping facility as it is one of the efficient and updated business strategies that help you deliver your orders on time to the end customers. It also helps you save costs on transportation and you do need to have huge store rooms. But before availing this facility in a full-fledged manner for your customers try using the dropshipping facility for your close circle to check the packaging and service quality offered by the wholesale clothing website.

Price and affordability

The last but definitely not the least thing to consider is the price quoted by the wholesaler. Make sure the price asked is highly competitive and aligns with the quality of the stock. You can always ask the wholesale clothing vendor for offers and discounts on huge orders. It is crucial to pick a wholesale clothing website that lies within the range of your affordability.


Being aware and watchful about these aspects will help you set up your clothing business quite smoothly and effectively. You can choose “Advance Apparels” as your wholesale clothing supplier to stock up on the best quality attires and products at the most affordable prices for your customers. We have a diverse range of women's clothing options in the most updated and evergreen styles. Our clothing range includes clothes that are fit to be worn throughout the year on all kinds of occasions. You can reach out to us to learn more about our deals and services.

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