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How to Source High-Quality Wholesale Women's Clothing at Affordable Prices

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Stocking and wholesale shopping is one of the most crucial parts of running a retail women’s clothing business. Retailers and boutique owners find it equally challenging every time they step out to find the most reliable wholesale clothing vendor to buy high-quality wholesale women’s clothing at affordable prices for their stores. Most of the time they have to compromise on one of two things, be it the quality of the stock or the price that they have to pay for good quality stock.

How to Source High-Quality Wholesale Women's Clothing at Affordable Prices

It requires the retailers and boutique owners to conduct a detailed scrutiny and careful consideration of various aspects, in order to know where to buy the best wholesale clothing for their valued customers. In this article, we are discussing all the necessary factors that need to be taken into account while selecting the wholesale clothing vendor for your business to source high-quality women's clothing at affordable prices.

1. Check the product’s quality

The first step towards making a profitable deal is to establish the quality of the product or clothes before making the payment. It would still be a non-profitable deal if you are buying stock of mediocre quality at extremely affordable prices, as it would greatly affect your saleability and the number of footfalls at your store.

You always have to check the quality of the stock in accordance with the taste and preferences of the target customers that you are catering to. Moreover, high-quality attires have better saleability and hold the potential of fetching you the desired profits.

2. Enquire about the minimum order quantity

Enquiring about the minimum order quantity beforehand would save you from overstepping your budget and ordering more wholesale women’s clothing than you require. It would also enable you to order in small quantities to review the saleability and reception of the stock among the customers.

Ordering the stock in minimum quantity would also keep you from investing all your funds in one go and will allow you to diversify the investment or expenditure.

All in all minimum quantity orders are crucial when you are buying from a wholesale clothing vendor for the very first time and want to test the waters before placing a bulk order.

3. Enquire about discounts and offers

Do not hesitate to ask about discounts and offers while ordering wholesale women’s clothing. It is always profitable to bargain and implore the seller for discounts or offers, whether you are shopping for retail or wholesale. Negotiating with your wholesale clothing vendor could land you significant discounts that would help you get good quality women’s clothing at much more affordable prices. Moreover, in the case of bulk orders, the wholesalers voluntarily offer lucrative discounts to their regular or loyal buyers and customers.

4. Carefully review the payment and return policy

When dealing with a new wholesaler, make sure to carefully review their payment and return policies to avoid losses in case of disagreements. Making yourself aware of the ins and outs before making bulk orders for wholesale women’s clothing will save you and your funds from getting stuck in a low-quality and non-profitable deal. It is always suggestible to maintain mutual communication and transparency with your supplier, especially in matters of payments, returns, and finances in case the end customers do not like the quality or the designs of the stock. It would save you from bearing huge losses.

5. Ask for sample orders

To avoid post-payment conflicts and inconveniences, you should ask your wholesale clothing vendor for sample orders to become satisfied and ensure the quality and designs of the stock before making bulk orders. This step can save you from getting your money stuck in incompetent stocks and apparel that are of low quality and possess negligible saleability.

Availability of sample orders of wholesale women's clothing will help you in accessing if you would be able to sell the entire stock to your target customers and make considerable profits or not. It will also keep you from regretting investing your total funds in a non-yielding deal or investment.

6. Enquire if the wholesaler provides dropshipping or other flexible delivery options

Having a wholesale clothing vendor that offers drop shipping services is always a cost-effective and profitable convenience for a retailer or boutique owner. For this, you need to ask your wholesaler if they are comfortable with providing the dropshipping facility.

When the wholesaler delivers the wholesale women's clothing directly to the end customers on behalf of the retailer, against some charges, it is termed a drop shipping facility. This facility helps retailers save huge amounts that are otherwise spent on the transportation of the stock.


Considering these factors while making a deal with a wholesale clothing vendor will help you access the best quality clothes at reasonable prices. These factors will also increase your profit margin as you will be able to buy highly saleable products at the most competitive prices.

Partnering with Advance Apparels, the most renowned and trustable wholesaler of women's clothing will help you make optimum sales and profits. We are the leading wholesale suppliers of high-quality women's clothing alternatives at the most reasonable terms and prices. You can reach out to us for getting unimaginable stocks and deals for your clothing business.

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