All of our African Fashion products are made in our factories in Delhi, India. We wholesale all of our Ankara/African styles in packs of 3 (low order minimums) and most styles are available in other prints. The best way to view the available prints in each style is to create an account on our wholesale portal by clicking here. 

Bold prints and trendy silhouettes make up for our African Collection. Over 100+ unique Dashiki and Ankara wax prints are available across multiple silhouettes such as Mid Maxi Skirts, Long Maxi Skirts, Palazzo Pants, Wrap Dresses, Maxi Dresses, and Blouses.

Our prints are inspired from a multitude of spaces such as tribal-like patterns and motifs native to different parts of Africa as well as carefully curated geometric patterns. New prints are available every month so be sure to grab your favorite print while it's still available. 

Our showroom is located in South Hackensack, NJ if you'd like to visit.